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The Durham News | Stitch seeks words for Durham

See on Scoop.it - DialogueOrangutan Swing's insight:"[Design Kompany] got a solicitation to apply to work with the Convention and Visitors Bureau. Design Kompany was too small for the job the bureau had in mind, Morita said, but the invitation started him thinking about how he would go about “branding” a community. “I have a small problem with the way they try and promote a city and … [Read more...]

Canada’s e-book moguls versus literary London

See on Scoop.it - Dialogue Publishing heavyweights debate the future of books in a world where online services are offering millions of works free of chargeOrangutan Swing's insight:Agree or disagree?: “What people don’t get is that it’s not about the highest quality, it’s about the most entertained.” Especially curious to hear what people think who attended this fall's roundtable, The State … [Read more...]