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Gulliver’s Travels

Last night I was pushing my son home in his stroller, and bargained a story in exchange for my glasses case, which he was snapping open and shut in ways that were dangerously close to destroying it. Given my aversion to accumulating "stuff," I did not want to go and get a new case just because the one I had was broken in a fit of play. So when he handed it over, I tried really hard to think of a … [Read more...]

Baked but Not Wired

In Georgetown today to see what's up. Passed a lot of megastores then a SBUX. Went to a cute paper store to ask "Where can I get a coffee at a place that's , you know, not Starbucks"? She sent me over the canal, past a pink bike, to a lovely cafe called Baked and Wired. Screen tho wifi was down I had a delicious time. --DK … [Read more...]

Do I really NEED #Twitter? #DCevents

We'll be talking media, the message, and the way communication works TODAY. RSVP here. … [Read more...]

#Korner drink-and-draw! Tonight 8pm at @geerstgarden

Lots to update you, what with all the travels of the last month. I will be there with Boss-man at 7pm, too. If you're in the mood for some tasty fried chicken, feel free to join us! —AM … [Read more...]

Should I quit #Facebook? #DCevents

Coming to DC to talk about this, and other Very Important media queries. Register here. --DK Sell Tickets through Eventbrite … [Read more...]

Giving room for ideas to grow

Jason Fried is someone (as many of my fellow entrepreneur/creative thinker-types) I follow closely for occasional wisdom and insights, and this post about giving time and space to an idea in my mind illuminates what makes him a leader worth following. "Ideas are fragile. They often start powerless. They’re barely there, so easy to ignore or skip or miss." He is quite candid about his own … [Read more...]

For Ariana Page Russell, Skin is the Medium, Message

Ariana Page Russell is exploring with medium, message and materials in ways that I've never seen anyone do before. Here's a good interview clip that explains her methods: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvcwl37F7IM "Maggie Carson Romano talks to Ariana Page Russell" by CRUSHfanzine One of my personal questions to the artists at Aether, our roundtable event today, would be how they see … [Read more...]

Drifting in the City

Been walking around Manhattan and Brooklyn for the last two days, and thinking about aether. At Central Park, I was really excited to try out BlueBrain's "Listen to The Light" album, which is only listenable in the park (it's an iPhone app, and uses the phone's GPS to play location-specific music. Here's a NYT article about it) Is the medium still the message? As I walked down 5th Ave. from … [Read more...]

Video Update for Tomorrow’s Aether New York City

It's tomorrow! so I got excited, scoped out the scene, and rambled a little. Here's my little video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3mmgSAWbxk Aether Update Not to brag or anything, but did I mention I'm doing all this with my iPod? I know, I'm getting carried away... As usual, a handy RSVP tool below: NYC, tomorrow Online event registration for AETHER: Is the Medium Still the … [Read more...]

Ben Popken Is Just Kidding

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbjTSh5ndq8&sns=em Improv theatre combines a lot of what Orangutan Swing cares about: conversations, new ideas, being open, the creative process. Maybe a improv workshop some day? Ben Popken will be at Aether. Tomorrow. Be there: Online event registration for AETHER: Is the Medium Still the Message? powered by Eventbrite … [Read more...]

What One Word Comes to Your Mind…

...when you think of the word Aether? I asked this of our panelists on Google Plus and this is what I got: ephemeral unseen dark space fluid network drugs rag What do you think? Leave a comment! Aether is tomorrow, if you didn't know that already. Join us? Online event registration for AETHER: Is the Medium Still the Message? powered by Eventbrite ... and on … [Read more...]

Michael Neff Chalks Sidewalk, Says “Was That Really There?”

What does this image evoke in you? … [Read more...]