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On the heels of @indyweek sale, let’s talk #publishing in the #triangle.

A roundtable set for October 8 focuses squarely on the state of publishing. More is here. … [Read more...]

(re)WORK video chat! How one young entrepreneur sees her work

Part of getting ready for a conversation is having a conversation. So to that end, I caught up with Megan Hunt, whom I met at WDS and TETHER Portland last month, for a impromptu video chat on her work as an entrepreneur with multiple businesses, and her experience running CAMP, a coworking space in Omaha, Nebraska. (re)WORK With Megan Hunt, Princess Lasertron. We covered quite a number … [Read more...]

Not Working: Readings by DW Gibson, Bridgette Lacy, and George Ploghoft

Seredipity? Tomorrow, Sunday Aug 19, at 7pm, there's a very-much work-themed reading event at Carrrack Modern Art in downtown Durham. DW Gibson, whose Not Working Project is now a book and a subject of an upcoming documentary, will read from his book, which was inspired by Studs Terkel's Working, a book on working people. Lacy and Ploghoft are area residents, and have some first-person stories … [Read more...]

(re)WORK dialogue set for Monday

I'm super psyched. Bull City Coworking, a brand-new space in a historic Brightleaf Square building, will host our next dialogue on work culture next Monday. What is "work?" In most of the world today, we've come to think of our work as our identity. I mean, just look at my descriptions for the (non)panelists below—I didn't intend it as an example, but there! If that's not a loud and clear … [Read more...]

Announcing (re)WORK, A Conversation About How And Why We Do What We Do

This has been a theme of my research for the past three years. Excited to bring it to the open table! … [Read more...]

Is meeting #IRL worth it?

So I walk into a bar last night, and proceed to have one of the best conversations of the year. With a total stranger. Possible? You bet. Why? Openness. I'd arranged to meet the owner of this bar so I could discuss hosting the next Orangutan Swing event there. More about that soon, when the details are confirmed. But how do I choose these venues? Since hosting live events in Durham … [Read more...]

#Tether West Coast: Thanks!

I'm on my way home, from a week-long trip to Washington and Oregon. There are so much that I've heard, seen, tasted, and talked about in this (incredibly) long week. So much I want to share with the world. Right now, though, it's all this incoherent jumble in my head. So, I will try and tease it out bit by bit in multiple posts, tweets and status updates. Please bear with me and stay … [Read more...]

Why talk is jazz

We say our roundtables are like improv. Why? Recently, as I was talking to someone I just met, I noticed that there's certain rhythm to how our conversation was flowing. He would talk a little, and then I'd chime in. When there's a pause, how you start up the new topic or a followup question matters, and the exact timing of it, affects the mood of the conversation. There's an audience, … [Read more...]

Announcing TETHER: Conversations About Gravity

At Aether, we talked communication that happens in the air. Now, I want to bring it down to the ground. I'm traveling to Portland, OR next week for an awesome conference called The World Domination Summit. It's hard to explain (and resist/ignore the cheap jabs at the beyond-audacious title), but there will be 1,000 people who are focused on living life on their own terms, and changing the … [Read more...]

Thanks for the conversation! A snapshot from #aether Durham

Just settling down from a great high that was Aether Durham this morning. Big thanks to Cassandra (Liberty Arts) for helping host it, and all the (non)panel members Cady, Aaron, John, Laura, Lauren, Mark, Dave, David, Carter, and everyone else who came and participated. The conversation we shared was stimulating, intriguing, and funny at times, and educational to boot! I felt the urge to go on for … [Read more...]

Pints and pencils at Wooden Nickel tonight #korner #drinkndraw

Tonight at the Wooden Nickel in Hillsborough, join us for some light conversation (as opposed to the kind of esoteric stuff we usually put on!). We'll be hanging out from 8pm on, with some paper to draw on, some beers, and some of our best Ireland stories ready to spill. --DK … [Read more...]

Three (non)Panelists confirmed for #Aether Durham, This Saturday!

Update (2) Two more! And only 9 tickets left! Laura Hamlyn is a copywriter and volunteer with open, community-building groups like AIGA Raleigh, Triangle Wiki and CityCamp Raleigh. As a SEO consultant, writer, avid Tweeter, and beer drinker, Lauren Polinsky's got her hands in an array of online & offline conversations. She's also maintained a successful career in online marketing for half a … [Read more...]