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Why we MAKE: #makedurham is FRIDAY MAR 9

Trust the Process

Picture it.

The seed of an idea parks in your head and won’t dislodge. The more you talk about it, the more it spools from vague to shapely. As you attempt to articulate, you know your speech is warbled. But you continue your soliloquy.

Then, one minute, you float from scattered to perfect clarity. Every molecule in your body shakes with new knowledge: it’s time. That’s when you pick up the pencil, and flesh a first, clean line.

Welcome to the creative process.

Last year at this time, I invited eight locals to talk about the creative process at a roundtable in Durham called MAKE.

“The creative process: What is it? Who uses it? What changes as a result?” Same questions but a new set of speakers will be joining us for the next MAKE on Friday, March 9. Furniture designer Mas Sato and musician Eleni Vlachos are among them.
Last year we heard from information designer Beck Tench, sociologist Javonne Clark, and Scientific American’s blog editor Bora Zivkovic, and a few others. In roundtable style, people spoke up when they felt like saying something, and we heard honest confessions of letting go of fixed ideas as we age, or hopeful advice to manufacturing our own opportunities. Eyes and smiles glowed. You’d never guess MAKE’s fifty guests had never met.

I remember someone rolling into a party we threw at our street-level office in Seattle; he was perfectly charming, but wanted more drinks than conversation. Another time we had too much conversation: a political debate broiled in our County Cork, Ireland, living room, deep in Republic country, and my husband Akira Morita and I had no idea how to quench it (Our neighbors, wiser than us, left discreetly then came back with rum cake. Bingo. Hot political Irish border debate thus resolved.)
I like mixing it up, though. It sparkles rooms to invite a spectrum of opinions, and experiences. You create energy by putting people together who seem like they might have lots to talk about. Or nothing at all. Hard to manufacture, but beautiful to watch.

This year I decided to get more focused about hosting get-togethers. I wanted more to happen. More conversation. Good, even nerdy conversation. (Ignite, anyone?) In short, what I was after, what I really craved, was dialogue.

Books and articles about it point to one thing. You want openness. Different views are okay: this isn’t debate. But a willingness to hear is super important. Those who elect to be part of public roundtables, I’m discovering, tend to be exactly perfect for the forum.

It’s not a party, and it’s not for work or school. People carve time to simply be curious. People come because they want to. They also like people.
I’d been feeling totally disconnected, even though I’m always plugged in. But in the age of the Internet, real life is good.

MAKE is Friday, March 9, at Fishmonger’s, and starts at 7pm. Free with RSVP. See designkompany.com/make

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