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Artist Profiles Pt. 7

This is the final, part 7 of 7-part series Artist profiles, for the participating artists of STITCH. These artists are creating works inspired by words collected from Durham residents about what they’d like to see their city become. You can buy their specially created pieces through these Kickstarter rewards and to inspire more conversations.



Hiphop artist Toon is writing a song for Durham, for everyone who backs Stitch!

Toon and I met through a mutual friend and artist Saleem Reshamwla A.K.A. Kidethnic at Cocoa Cinnamon. Needless to say, he represents to me all that’s new, cool and D.I.Y. in Durham. He and musical partner Real Laww have been a big part of the resurgence of hiphop music in town over the last few years.

Toon is making a whole song out of the 276 words we collected, and will make it available to download to everyone who backs the project. He now represents, to me, everything that’s good about the world.


Catherine Howard


Catherine will take polaroid photos of Durham, and decorate them with short love poems to Durham.

Catherine Howard is kind of like a tornado. A good one! She has such enormous energy, and completely destroys whatever she touches (again, in a very good way! Trust me.) These days, she periodically touches down in Durham every couple of months or so, but spends most of her time in far-flung places in the world, connecting with and finding wisdoms in artist communities everywhere she goes. She’s documenting the whole fieldwork in her sketch books. The work she’s engaged in is SO important, and I feel so privileged to count her among the participating artists, and a friend.

Here’s what she says about Stitch:

STITCH is an inspired experiment in developing a feedback loop between artists and their community using the established crowdsourcing mechanism. This first iteration may very well spark a revolution in how community love and activism are expressed!

She will be shooting polaroid pictures of Durham street scenes, and write something personal on them to offer for Stitch backers who pledge more than $25 (attached here is a prototype she made in her sketchbook from Berlin).

Dipika Kohli


Everyone who pledges $15 or more will receive Dipika’s screen-sized digital images, incorporating the words you gave but inspired by the world’s landscapes.

Last not but least is our own Dipika Kohli. She’s been at her sharpie craft for close to a decade now, and has a real assurance that only comes with time (making her sound old. I hope I’m not in trouble!) She’ll create, for all backers who pledge $15 or more, a set of screen-saver-sized vector art in her signature style, incorporating the words from Durham but combined with inspirations gathered across the globe. She’s already on the field, in Vietnam, gathering visual notes.


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