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Three (non)Panelists confirmed for #Aether Durham, This Saturday!

Aether Durham is this Satuday, 9AM at Durham Central Park Liberty Arts Pavillion

Update (2) Two more! And only 9 tickets left!

Laura Hamlyn is a copywriter and volunteer with open, community-building groups like AIGA Raleigh, Triangle Wiki and CityCamp Raleigh.

As a SEO consultant, writer, avid Tweeter, and beer drinker, Lauren Polinsky‘s got her hands in an array of online & offline conversations. She’s also maintained a successful career in online marketing for half a decade.

We can’t wait to chat with all these brilliant minds on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you, too!

UPDATE: three MORE confirmed!

Aaron Mandel is the founder and the Editor-in-Chief at Clarion Content, a local event-curation blog and a marketing outfit.

Carter Cue is a librarian at Stanford L. Warren Branch of the Durham County Library system, with a passion for community-based, educational collaborations. His latest project is Bull City Soul Revival.

John Wendelbo is an engineer, scientist, artist and fabricator who has been professionally involved with monumental sculpture and public Art since 1998. Now running the Durham Sculpture Project as well as the Carrack Modern Art community gallery, both of which he founded in the last two years, he has become an essential part of Durham’s art community.

We are so happy to have all of you join our conversation!

We have three “(non)Panelists” confirmed! A little bit about each of them:

Cady Childs, of Clarion Content, and Fashionably Tactless is a freelance writer, stylist, and media coordinator. She has a first-hand experience in “the changing face of media,” and her belief that “we as producers must respond to these changes (in the media-scape)” is evident in her online presence.

Mark Branly, of a newly-minted local creative agency Registered Creative (formerly of Neural9), is a Orangutan Swing regular who is comfortable straddling the lines between art and commerce, code and images, and problem-solving and expressing.

Dipika met David de Souza in Washington, D.C., where he used to be based, while checking out the scene there last month. She was inspired to find creative ways to build links after hearing his talk at a meetup on how to make your Web site more awesome to search engines.

We’re psyched! More are on their way, and we would LOVE to have you join us, too. At the event, every one is on the “panel” (that’s how our roundtable works. no hierarchies.)

Join us.


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