Take the leap.




Orangutan Swing started as a side project of Design Kompany, at the start of 2012. It was started as an event series around the idea of dialogue-making. Then, it was a touring circus of stimulating creativity in communities around the world.

In march 2014, we found a temporary home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

That’s when the soul searching journey started.

Design Kompany has been a partnership for the two of us (that would be me and Dipika, my partner) since 1997. That’s nearly 20 years… So much has changed, and yet, so little in how we address ourselves as a Kompany has, even as our partnerships multiplied across many projects. It is time for a reflection: Who are we apart from each other? What does “we” mean? What do we do, as individuals, as a team, and as a member of other teams? How do we create room for others to do better work, when we don’t know how to do that for ourselves? Etc., etc. Lots of questions that just need to be asked, questions that we need to simply sit with.

So, while Orangutan Swing figures itself out, I’m putting the blog here on hiatus. Please feel free to get in touch (akira@orangutanswing.com) in the meantime, and tell us about yourself. I am always open to stories from new and old friends.