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‘Dialogue’ the book and why we love it

One of my favorite books on our shelves here at Design Kompany World HQ is Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together by William Isaacs. “Dialogue, as I define it, is a conversation with a center, not sides. It is a way of taking the energy of our differences and channelling it toward something that has never been created before. It lifts us out of polarization and into a greater common sense, … [Read more...]

Update: 8 MAKE speakers!

We are all set for MAKE on March 9. Six guest speakers will talk about the creative process from their diverse viewpoints. In true dialogue fashion, we're giving everyone a chance to speak and say what they think and feel. No agenda. No hierarchy. No fixed plan except to sink into the topic and see what we learn from each other. Register here. … [Read more...]