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New! 2.5-min video on #aether: why, who we are

We're all about dialogue design, and this is why we're doing AETHER. We're touring to New York City and Boston in mid April to hear your thoughts. … [Read more...]

Observations from the Greyhound night bus

I've been thinking a lot lately about scenarios that make conversation-starting more accessible. On my way back from a long, overnight bus trip to Georgia last week, I had a revelation: The longer your journey together, the more likely you are to strike up conversation with the people around you. This time I met a truck driver on his way from Charleston to St. Louis (seat behind me), and a guy … [Read more...]

Is the medium still the message? #aether roundtables in #Boston & #NewYork

MORE UPDATE: MARCH 29 Überblogger Ben Popken (of Consumerist.com fame) is joining the already impressive list of panelist. Rick Liebling (Creative Culturalist at Y&R NY) will be moderating. I'm peeing in the pants--this is going to be so much fun! UPDATE Four confirmed speakers for the New York session! WFMU host & Behance's the 99% writer Scott McDowell, Night Shadow artist Michael … [Read more...]

#aether Touring to #NewYork #Boston and #WashingtonDC in APRIL

We're getting set for a really exciting trip up the East Coast for #Aether: Is the medium still the message? What do you think? … [Read more...]

#MINORITY report: ‘This has been my life’

Four of us gathered for MINORITY, a conversation about being overlooked, last night at the Beyu Caffe in Durham, and after circling about finally hit the high note. When that happened, we stayed until the noise around us grew quieter, and even softer, until it was still. A cancellation from Casey Steinbacher, who's broken the glass ceiling in this region, was disappointing for Orangutan, but … [Read more...]

#Minority is this Thursday at @BeyuCaffe

This week I heard about a video the European Union took down because it was racist. A white, European woman defends herself against nonwhite, aggressive and ready-to-attack actors. For two months at the top of this year, I did a study of the images of the 'self'. The more magazines aimed at my age bracket and gender I read, the more annoyed I got. What were they trying to say to me about … [Read more...]

3 tickets left for #makedurham! TOMORROW at @Fishmongers_Dur

Make is a roundtable on the creative process. A series. Design Kompany loves to gather people to talk about a topic in depth. On Friday, March 9 in Durham, NC, we host MAKE. A roundtable on our favorite topic. Ever. The creative process. To mix it up, we've invited these people to join us and some 30 guests who've RSVP'd. Introducing our speakers Allow us to introduce our … [Read more...]

Why we MAKE: #makedurham is FRIDAY MAR 9

Trust the Process Picture it. The seed of an idea parks in your head and won’t dislodge. The more you talk about it, the more it spools from vague to shapely. As you attempt to articulate, you know your speech is warbled. But you continue your soliloquy. Then, one minute, you float from scattered to perfect clarity. Every molecule in your body shakes with new knowledge: it’s time. That’s … [Read more...]

Discussion: ‘The Question Holds The Lantern’

An essay by Celtic scholar and philosopher John O'Donohue, shared with us by Tara Connolly. Tell us in the comments what you think? The Question Holds The Lantern — John O’Donohue © All rights reserved Humans have an uncanny ability to domesticate everything they touch. Eventually, even the strangest things become absorbed into the routine of the daily mind with its steady geographies of … [Read more...]

@akiramorita hosts #kofficeam WED at Straw Valley Cafe #wds

Want to koffice? Check out host Akira Morita's blog post about this WEDNESDAY morning's event. Online event registration for Koffee AM powered by Eventbrite … [Read more...]

‘I just want to tickle you’

Last Saturday at a roundtable dialogue we hosted on curating art, I met a woman who informed me of a lecture today about dialogue. I went. Hearing artist Kianga Ford speak at the visiting lecture series at Duke University made me feel like I was back in school. Maybe it was the way she moved from one idea so smoothly into the next. Or her poise. Or her comfort with a group of people, and her … [Read more...]