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Korner recap: ‘Conversation matters’

Korner March 2012 in Durham, NC When do we get to unwind, just meet in real life, and talk about nothing in particular for an indefinite amount of time? Do I have to be on Meetup to do that? Gosh, I hope not. Read full story, 'Why Offline Conversation Matters'? at Storify. … [Read more...]

@akiramorita hosts #kofficeam WED at Straw Valley Cafe #wds

Want to koffice? Check out host Akira Morita's blog post about this WEDNESDAY morning's event. Online event registration for Koffee AM powered by Eventbrite … [Read more...]

#Korner is Monday at @geerstgarden

Happy to announce that we are bringing back our series of monthly designer happy hours. You don't have to be able to draw to come! "Korner" started as "Designers' Korner" at a pub called the Stumbling Monk, which was across our office in the colorful neighborhood of Capitol Hill in Seattle. It was good for Design Kompany to get to mix with people who weren't us! Friends and designers convened to … [Read more...]

Coming in July: a new dialogue about your center

Just submitted this idea to the "attendee session" roster at the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon (I'm flying to the West Coast for this)--if it gets picked, great. If not, I may still try and mount it before or after the conference. Who knows? It could be part of a larger West Coast Tour of Orangutan Swing. More to follow... … [Read more...]

Update: 8 MAKE speakers!

We are all set for MAKE on March 9. Six guest speakers will talk about the creative process from their diverse viewpoints. In true dialogue fashion, we're giving everyone a chance to speak and say what they think and feel. No agenda. No hierarchy. No fixed plan except to sink into the topic and see what we learn from each other. Register here. … [Read more...]

Koffee AM

First Wenesdays, 10am UPDATE: We'll try Straw Valley Cafe (It's a site that must be seen. Seriously. If you haven't been there you're in for a treat) this month (March 7). I will be there starting at 10am, and leave around 12:30. Hope to see you there! Do you work at home? Do you long to escape the cubicle-land that you are usually confined with? If you are curious about the concept … [Read more...]


THU MAR 15 7pm Beyu Caffe Durham Opening the dialogue on being overlooked. UPDATE: This week I heard about a video the European Union took down because it was racist. A white, European woman defends herself against nonwhite, aggressive and ready-to-attack actors. For two months at the top of this year, I did a study of the images of the 'self'. The more magazines aimed at my age … [Read more...]