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(re)WORK dialogue set for Monday

I'm super psyched. Bull City Coworking, a brand-new space in a historic Brightleaf Square building, will host our next dialogue on work culture next Monday. What is "work?" In most of the world today, we've come to think of our work as our identity. I mean, just look at my descriptions for the (non)panelists below—I didn't intend it as an example, but there! If that's not a loud and clear … [Read more...]

Announcing (re)WORK, A Conversation About How And Why We Do What We Do

This has been a theme of my research for the past three years. Excited to bring it to the open table! … [Read more...]

Free show, all ages, in #Raleigh with our #hiphop friends @LiLa on JULY 26

See on Scoop.it - DialogueFree show. 3 bands.  All ages. Raleigh, this one looks good.See on www.reverbnation.com … [Read more...]

TUESDAY in #Durham, the #city hosts a public #forum on #walkability

See on Scoop.it - DialogueA Durham conversation about creating walkable spaces downtown! Yes! :) See on durhamnc.gov … [Read more...]

Why Women Still Can’t Have It All

See on Scoop.it - Dialogue It’s time to stop fooling ourselves, says a woman who left a position of power: the women who have managed to be both mothers and top professionals are superhuman, rich, or self-employed.See on www.theatlantic.com … [Read more...]

Why talk is jazz

We say our roundtables are like improv. Why? Recently, as I was talking to someone I just met, I noticed that there's certain rhythm to how our conversation was flowing. He would talk a little, and then I'd chime in. When there's a pause, how you start up the new topic or a followup question matters, and the exact timing of it, affects the mood of the conversation. There's an audience, … [Read more...]

Announcing TETHER: Conversations About Gravity

At Aether, we talked communication that happens in the air. Now, I want to bring it down to the ground. I'm traveling to Portland, OR next week for an awesome conference called The World Domination Summit. It's hard to explain (and resist/ignore the cheap jabs at the beyond-audacious title), but there will be 1,000 people who are focused on living life on their own terms, and changing the … [Read more...]

Introducing Road to Awesome

Want to know more about this? Query us at letsplay @ orangutanswing.com for details. This workshop is available for people who are not physically located near us, too, by the way! We are starting to do more virtual consulting through video conferences, conversing that way to get to know more about what gets people really excited about their work, whatever it may be. Sign up for our … [Read more...]

Our drink & draw session ‘Korner’ is TONIGHT at @geerstgarden

See on Scoop.it - DialogueOne of our favorite events is KORNER, the series of informal 'drink and draw' get-togethers hosted by Akira and Dipika of Design Kompany. We started because we had no other co-workers, and continue because we still don't. Be our design-nerd conversation partners over beer and doodling? --Dipika KohliSee on www.design-kompany.com … [Read more...]

Drink and #draw with us? #Korner

Given the need for having an open, informal space for creative people to talk about their approach to making, this is on. I'll be your host for this next Korner at Geer Street Garden. Join us to draw, drink, and talk about Life. Or, just draw and drink. ---Dipika Kohli Online Ticketing for Korner powered by Eventbrite … [Read more...]

Baked but Not Wired

In Georgetown today to see what's up. Passed a lot of megastores then a SBUX. Went to a cute paper store to ask "Where can I get a coffee at a place that's , you know, not Starbucks"? She sent me over the canal, past a pink bike, to a lovely cafe called Baked and Wired. Screen tho wifi was down I had a delicious time. --DK … [Read more...]