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How are we connected, anyway? Community, modern culture and nomadism

We've been in Gangtok now, for a full month. A lot can happen in a month, and we've met, talked to and learned from so many people, young and old. Yesterday, a group of kids came running over to the three of us when we were hanging out on a bench on MG Marg. Just saying hi to Kush and us, they were, but it was somehow so rewarding to acknowledge the connections we've made here in that way. … [Read more...]

How to Make Emotional Decisions

We are in India. This is the country we will be based in, for a few months at least. We are terribly excited, and afraid, at the moment, about being here. Will it work out? Will we be able to adjust? Are we going to be SAFE?  But that's part of our practice at Orangutan Swing. We know that, furthermore, that practice is LIFE. We rarely know what will really happen in life, do we? And somehow, … [Read more...]

What Do You See Over The Horizon?

Welcome to the new chapter of Orangutan Swing. I am typing this in Another Cafe in San Francisco, where I will be for just a few days before I head up the coast to Seattle. Dipika and Kush have been traveling in Vietnam for the last six weeks. The intention that we set, about a year ago, is that we will make our work and livelihood fit around our life purpose. We wanted to widen our input, … [Read more...]


These are the 50 words for Durham, submitted and voted in by YOU, Durham … [Read more...]

‘Do We Need Internet to Find Friends?’ set for November 13

This whole thread started when I got to talking to a couple of people ahead of State of Publishing 2 last week, and they BOTH mentioned stories about online dating. So... For 'Do We Need Internet to Find Friends?' we've got 12 seats reserved in an intimate venue, Old Havana. It's in Durham. 12 seats max. Ticket sales open Friday, Nov. 2 and close the following Wednesday. See you... … [Read more...]

Call for speakers on ‘social,’ from our friends at Ignite Raleigh

Ignite Raleigh is coming next month, and they're looking for speakers. Here's a note from the organizers: Come one, come all, propose your talks for the upcoming Ignite Raleigh speaker event!! Ignite speakers share ideas that spark conversations, challenge the status quo and open minds. Each speaker has just five minutes to enlighten the audience; backed up with 20 slides that auto advance on … [Read more...]

‘This is dinner party size’: a quick pic from State of Publishing 2

Thanks to those of you who got to be part of the small, intimate and (admittedly loud at the start) conversation about Publishing. I would love to keep this going and maybe combine some folks from MAKE, as well as SCALE and EXPAT, in maybe a holiday party style meetup around the end of November. Or something. Thoughts on this? … [Read more...]

(re)Capping (re)WORK pt. 2

More pics and the part two of the recording! Here's Part Two of the entire conversation recorded at the event. We now have a discussion group on Facebook too! Join us. … [Read more...]

(re)CAPPING (re)WORK (pt. 1)

(all photography by OMNI Photography AKA Jamila Devenport) On a late-August Monday evening as the sun set behind the railroad crossing and the last commercial truck of the day rumbled by, we gathered at Bull City Coworking, in a historic former-tobacco processing factory. We got together, beer in hand (courtesy of Robert Petrusz, of the BCC, the evening's host), to talk about work. … [Read more...]

(re)WORK video chat! How one young entrepreneur sees her work

Part of getting ready for a conversation is having a conversation. So to that end, I caught up with Megan Hunt, whom I met at WDS and TETHER Portland last month, for a impromptu video chat on her work as an entrepreneur with multiple businesses, and her experience running CAMP, a coworking space in Omaha, Nebraska. (re)WORK With Megan Hunt, Princess Lasertron. We covered quite a number … [Read more...]

What urban street performers can teach us about orangutans

See on Scoop.it - DialogueLo cal, but big moves. See on www.mnn.com … [Read more...]