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Why we MAKE: #makedurham is FRIDAY MAR 9

Trust the Process Picture it. The seed of an idea parks in your head and won’t dislodge. The more you talk about it, the more it spools from vague to shapely. As you attempt to articulate, you know your speech is warbled. But you continue your soliloquy. Then, one minute, you float from scattered to perfect clarity. Every molecule in your body shakes with new knowledge: it’s time. That’s … [Read more...]

#makedurham after party with @theaocproject

FRIDAY night! … [Read more...]

Update: 8 MAKE speakers!

We are all set for MAKE on March 9. Six guest speakers will talk about the creative process from their diverse viewpoints. In true dialogue fashion, we're giving everyone a chance to speak and say what they think and feel. No agenda. No hierarchy. No fixed plan except to sink into the topic and see what we learn from each other. Register here. … [Read more...]


FRI MAR 9 7pm Fishmonger's Durham A roundtable on the creative process. Online event registration for MAKE powered by Eventbrite … [Read more...]


PARENTING SAT MAR 3 10am Trinity Park Durham How to make space for everybody's needs? "They" tell you it's hard, sure. But you never really believe them, right? I didn't. I sure thought my kid would be easy. As those of us in the "Parent Club" already know, trying to anticipate the experience by reading up on it is nothing like living it. I remember saying to my husband when our … [Read more...]


THU MAR 15 7pm Beyu Caffe Durham Opening the dialogue on being overlooked. UPDATE: This week I heard about a video the European Union took down because it was racist. A white, European woman defends herself against nonwhite, aggressive and ready-to-attack actors. For two months at the top of this year, I did a study of the images of the 'self'. The more magazines aimed at my age … [Read more...]