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Quick pic from #Tether at #WDS

Akira Morita (in blue t-shirt in foreground) hosted a conversation about what grounds us, and a guest, Chris Padgett, took this pic. More notes to follow. Missed it? Happen to live in Seattle? TETHER Seattle is next Tuesday, July 10. Online Ticketing for Tether Seattle: a conversation about what grounds you powered by Eventbrite … [Read more...]

Why talk is jazz

We say our roundtables are like improv. Why? Recently, as I was talking to someone I just met, I noticed that there's certain rhythm to how our conversation was flowing. He would talk a little, and then I'd chime in. When there's a pause, how you start up the new topic or a followup question matters, and the exact timing of it, affects the mood of the conversation. There's an audience, … [Read more...]

Is community dead? | Notes from GATHER

See on Scoop.it - DialogueA long time back we held an event about what it meant to have community. Some of the things we learned still pop to the surface as we think about how to design Orangutan Swing events today. Some examples: multigenerational events are awesome, and so are those where people feel part of an ongoing effort. Read about these and other things that ensure a community's glue … [Read more...]

Thanks for the conversation! A snapshot from #aether Durham

Just settling down from a great high that was Aether Durham this morning. Big thanks to Cassandra (Liberty Arts) for helping host it, and all the (non)panel members Cady, Aaron, John, Laura, Lauren, Mark, Dave, David, Carter, and everyone else who came and participated. The conversation we shared was stimulating, intriguing, and funny at times, and educational to boot! I felt the urge to go on for … [Read more...]

#Aether in #DC

We did get to move to a round table for the AETHER DC roundtable. Atmosphere was relaxed and straightforward -- but in a totally different way than the New York Bryant Park experience. This was more like our Boston, super-intimate conversation, though I believe that one stayed more on topic: is the medium still the message? The three stops on our tour (so far) were all completely intriguing, … [Read more...]

The #AETHER I did in #DC

Akira had gone to New York and Boston, but didn't take any pictures of AETHER. Or write about it. And we haven't fully had a conversation yet about what we learned, exactly, from his trip to those spots and my visit to Washington, DC, last week. But I thought I'd tell you what we did realize, independently. Malleability is key. If you go in with too many things pinned down, you're not going to … [Read more...]

#WordPress meetup at @fathomcreative in DC

The conversation is about how to collaborate on writing projects with Wordpress. All fine, but I'm still a huge fan of Basecamp for its Writeboard. Not too much to think about, just the content. WP dashboard has a bunch of other stuff. Fine for blogging solo but a group? Hrm. … [Read more...]

A picture from #justgive10% coworking session last Tuesday

A picture from Akira's coworking event last Tuesday. More pics and his thoughts on it here. … [Read more...]

#MINORITY report: ‘This has been my life’

Four of us gathered for MINORITY, a conversation about being overlooked, last night at the Beyu Caffe in Durham, and after circling about finally hit the high note. When that happened, we stayed until the noise around us grew quieter, and even softer, until it was still. A cancellation from Casey Steinbacher, who's broken the glass ceiling in this region, was disappointing for Orangutan, but … [Read more...]

#Minority is this Thursday at @BeyuCaffe

This week I heard about a video the European Union took down because it was racist. A white, European woman defends herself against nonwhite, aggressive and ready-to-attack actors. For two months at the top of this year, I did a study of the images of the 'self'. The more magazines aimed at my age bracket and gender I read, the more annoyed I got. What were they trying to say to me about … [Read more...]

3 tickets left for #makedurham! TOMORROW at @Fishmongers_Dur

Make is a roundtable on the creative process. A series. Design Kompany loves to gather people to talk about a topic in depth. On Friday, March 9 in Durham, NC, we host MAKE. A roundtable on our favorite topic. Ever. The creative process. To mix it up, we've invited these people to join us and some 30 guests who've RSVP'd. Introducing our speakers Allow us to introduce our … [Read more...]