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“Year of Dialogue” 2012: a report

Orangutan Swing was conceived in the waning light of 2011 to do just one thing. Make space for offline conversations. Ones with real meat. Meaning. Connection. Eye contact. Getting people together who'd otherwise never meet, so a wide array of viewpoints could make chords across a circle. The roundtable style would work for this. We wanted to see more people really talking and listening to one … [Read more...]

Yes we need Internet to make friends, No we don’t need Internet to make friends

In case you're wondering how the Internet Friends meetup went, well, it was a laugh, to be sure. Some of the things that came up: Meeting people online isn't different from meeting in real life. Sometimes you're more direct, sometimes you're less direct, sometimes you're chatty, sometimes you're not. But it's like you wave first, and then you go over to someone to say hello. You don't just go … [Read more...]

‘This is dinner party size’: a quick pic from State of Publishing 2

Thanks to those of you who got to be part of the small, intimate and (admittedly loud at the start) conversation about Publishing. I would love to keep this going and maybe combine some folks from MAKE, as well as SCALE and EXPAT, in maybe a holiday party style meetup around the end of November. Or something. Thoughts on this? … [Read more...]

‘Wait, I know more than the Internet about this!’

Had a great time gathering with State of Publishing 2 friends, a mix of people I've met around town through Orangutan Swing events (and Twitter, and bars, and DK projects). One of my favorite lines was when someone said, "Wait, I know more than the Internet about this! So I have to write a book!" How do we know what to spend our time doing---ie curating our own work, our lives, or the channels … [Read more...]

State of Publishing recap, pics!

What IS publishing today, anyways? And can the people who create content---we're talking quality content (also undefined)---make it in a way that's sustainable? Matt Dees, editor for Durham Magazine, who came when publisher Dan Shannon said he couldn't, told us that one of his first mentors asked a room of journalism hopefuls why newspapers exist. It isn't to save the world, or anything. It's … [Read more...]

(re)Capping (re)WORK pt. 2

More pics and the part two of the recording! Here's Part Two of the entire conversation recorded at the event. We now have a discussion group on Facebook too! Join us. … [Read more...]

(re)CAPPING (re)WORK (pt. 1)

(all photography by OMNI Photography AKA Jamila Devenport) On a late-August Monday evening as the sun set behind the railroad crossing and the last commercial truck of the day rumbled by, we gathered at Bull City Coworking, in a historic former-tobacco processing factory. We got together, beer in hand (courtesy of Robert Petrusz, of the BCC, the evening's host), to talk about work. … [Read more...]

Not Working: Readings by DW Gibson, Bridgette Lacy, and George Ploghoft

Seredipity? Tomorrow, Sunday Aug 19, at 7pm, there's a very-much work-themed reading event at Carrrack Modern Art in downtown Durham. DW Gibson, whose Not Working Project is now a book and a subject of an upcoming documentary, will read from his book, which was inspired by Studs Terkel's Working, a book on working people. Lacy and Ploghoft are area residents, and have some first-person stories … [Read more...]


See on Scoop.it - Dialogue Dear friends: Join us for the launch celebration of The Elopement, the true story of a couple's life in Ireland after Durham. The Elopement has one five-star review on AMAZON already!See on elopement.eventbrite.com … [Read more...]

#Tether West Coast: Thanks!

I'm on my way home, from a week-long trip to Washington and Oregon. There are so much that I've heard, seen, tasted, and talked about in this (incredibly) long week. So much I want to share with the world. Right now, though, it's all this incoherent jumble in my head. So, I will try and tease it out bit by bit in multiple posts, tweets and status updates. Please bear with me and stay … [Read more...]

Pic of notes from #Tether #Portland

A visual mood recap from Tether Portland. Tether Seattle is tonight! … [Read more...]