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“Year of Dialogue” 2012: a report

Orangutan Swing was conceived in the waning light of 2011 to do just one thing. Make space for offline conversations. Ones with real meat. Meaning. Connection. Eye contact. Getting people together who'd otherwise never meet, so a wide array of viewpoints could make chords across a circle. The roundtable style would work for this. We wanted to see more people really talking and listening to one … [Read more...]

Stitch: the community-sourced, dialogue-driven art project starts in Durham

What if we can imagine the future, as a community, and manifest it in a picture? What would it take to make visible all the dreams we each have for our community, so we can start conversations around them? This is the vision of the Stitch project. Many a successful campaigns by communities around the world have taken advantage of the collective vision for their cities/towns. New York … [Read more...]

Cancelled: MAKE 2013

UPDATE: This event has been cancelled. But you can find us the same week at DATA!     Event Registration Online for MAKE 2013 powered by Eventbrite … [Read more...]

Can there be true dialogue in the era of Facebook?

Hypocritically, after more than a year of resisting, I just (re)joined Facebook. Treading strange waters here, because I don't fundamentally "Like" this platform that puts "sponsored ads" in where you wouldn't ordinarily have them, in a regular conversation offline. You'd also be freer to say what you think, wouldn't you?, if you weren't leaving a digital trail of record? I am one who has … [Read more...]

Yes we need Internet to make friends, No we don’t need Internet to make friends

In case you're wondering how the Internet Friends meetup went, well, it was a laugh, to be sure. Some of the things that came up: Meeting people online isn't different from meeting in real life. Sometimes you're more direct, sometimes you're less direct, sometimes you're chatty, sometimes you're not. But it's like you wave first, and then you go over to someone to say hello. You don't just go … [Read more...]

Meet Match.com writer Margot & bicycle podcaster Victor, panelists for ‘Do We Need Internet?’

"Victor Jimenez is the basis of a small business story that has continued to evolve over the past 25 years by adapting to the ever changing conditions. A consummate entrepreneur Victor has founded many small businesses focused around his passions of cycling, marketing, and conversation. He is a big picture thinker, speaker, writer, and consultant on topics related to cycling, entrepreneurship, new … [Read more...]

Do we need Internet to make friends?

We're all excited about Tuesday, November 13 for our next roundtable, "Do We Need Internet to Make Friends?" Victor Jimenez, podcaster and bicycle expert, is one of our guest panelists. Watch for more in the coming days! Now, don't forget to go VOTE tomorrow and get Obama in there. ---DK Sell Tickets Online through Eventbrite … [Read more...]

Ladies, here’s how to win the heart of a young man

Easy. Carry around a copy of this book. In all seriousness, I'm getting a lot of really great response from people who notice I'm reading (finally) Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. People pay attention. It's pertinent to a discussion of dialogue for a lot of reasons, and I'm using it as a launchpad to start a query of my own among friends and acquaintances about the topic, "What is … [Read more...]

‘Do We Need Internet to Find Friends?’ set for November 13

This whole thread started when I got to talking to a couple of people ahead of State of Publishing 2 last week, and they BOTH mentioned stories about online dating. So... For 'Do We Need Internet to Find Friends?' we've got 12 seats reserved in an intimate venue, Old Havana. It's in Durham. 12 seats max. Ticket sales open Friday, Nov. 2 and close the following Wednesday. See you... … [Read more...]

‘Better dialogue for brighter design,’ a #manifesto

[View the story "Why better dialogue makes for brighter design" on Storify] … [Read more...]

Call for speakers on ‘social,’ from our friends at Ignite Raleigh

Ignite Raleigh is coming next month, and they're looking for speakers. Here's a note from the organizers: Come one, come all, propose your talks for the upcoming Ignite Raleigh speaker event!! Ignite speakers share ideas that spark conversations, challenge the status quo and open minds. Each speaker has just five minutes to enlighten the audience; backed up with 20 slides that auto advance on … [Read more...]