Making space for uncertainty.

Why do we have so many choices?


THIS IS ONE HECKUVA bizarre era, when it comes deciding. Making choices, that is. About life paths. Do I want to have a better job? Do I want to make babies? Do I want to find that idyllic perfect place to live, and if I do, where will it be, and what will it look like, and when I get there, will I have options? Options. I want to keep my options open. Maybe I should go to graduate school. … [Read more...]

Now what? A conversation series about life paths

ORANGE, a waffle cafe on Street 63 way south, like PAST Mao Tse Toung Boulevard, is the venue.

UPDATE: Join Now What?: A conversation on life paths on Saturday, Oct. 4. No need to have been to Part 1 to enjoy the independent module Part 2, so if you are curious, come on by! Here are the details... ON SATURDAY, SEPT. 27 in the morning at 10.30am, we will host a new conversation that is the kickoff in a two-week series. It's called "Now What?" The topic is life paths. UPDATE: We'll also … [Read more...]

Making S. P. A. C. E. at Stanford University


I AM WRITING this from Palo Alto, California. I've been working this week with students from around Asia who are learning about social entrepreneurship from Fashion to Freedom's Rachael Carson as well as leadership and design thinking principles from other staff members, like Yi Zhang and Yang Yang and yours truly. See the whole staff page and read more about VIA's exchange program here. Pictured … [Read more...]

Changing Cambodia from the inside out: ‘Makers & Doers’ report #2

Ms. Sreyneath Poole will be a featured guest at Origin, a conversation on 'fromness,' on Wednesday, July 23 in Phnom Penh

"I WANT TO be a politician," says Sreyneath Poole. Doing something for Cambodia, she says, feels like "it's my duty." Though the 23-year old was born and raised in Phnom Penh, it wasn't until her junior year of high school, away in America, that she discovered what had really happened here. "I didn't know who Pol Pot was," she says, still dismayed even after several years' time has passed … [Read more...]