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“Activity Space” in Chiang Mai Gets Going | Makers & Doers report #1

Picture from 'Zine Making Workshop

Sahrah Boeck is a doer. "I'll just do it, with or without your help. I've always just done it that way," she said, smiling, but matter-of-factly. She was talking about painting the entire interior of her house and fixing doors, roofs and garden walls in ten days, but she might as well have been talking about any other project she was taking on simultaneously. Brainergy Schoolhouse, a.k.a. … [Read more...]

The art and why of conversation space: part 2

This is a picture of a new acquaintance, "Seagame" (right), and me talking about art. Or, more specifically, the pricelessness of art.

Artmaking. Artbeing. We talked about how sometimes they like to show other people's work in the space, but since it's mostly just an outdoor patio, that it's not exactly safe for the art. "Some is expensive," he said. "Mine's not," I said. "It's mostly just Sharpies and paper." Accessibility. Unpretentiousness. Stuff I thought about when I finally pegged my medium. I'd just finished a … [Read more...]

The art and why of conversation space: part 1

What do I want to teach my kid mo

I saw the obvious thing at a bookstore. An indie. On the road that leads you from Thong Lo to Phrom Prong, where there's a giant park, possibly the world's best playground for a little kid in the big city. Bangkok's tiny indie bookstore caught my eye, and I went in, and met a man with an American accent who seemed quite busy with the managing of the place. While the rest of the world … [Read more...]

A Day in the Life of the Orangutans


I've realized many things in the seven months since we've left America and took to the life on the road. This blog has been pretty focused on telling you about what these learnings and realizations have been; but what are we doing, day to day? How are we doing what we do? I've had hard time answering these questions, as well as knowing exactly what is being asked by them. Then, it occurred to … [Read more...]